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  • 🖤 Open Works #004 The Force Awakens

🖤 Open Works #004 The Force Awakens

2 minutes of fuel to ignite your Open Org journey - shipped every 2 weeks.

🖤 The Force Awakens

Greetings Pioneers!

Welcome to the fourth edition of Open Org’s newsletter and the 32 Progressive People People who joined since last time. If you’re reading this then three things are probably true:

  1. You know transparency is how you build trust between candidates and employers

  2. You know transparency is how you build trust between teams and managers

  3. You know transparency is how you redefine the perception of your leadership team

👉️ Quick reminder of what’s in the box?

So this is our fortnightly (Americans, that’s Brit-speak for “every 2 weeks” 😉 ) drop of tips, resources, templates and insights from our small but mighty community of amazing People People trailblazing workplace transparency in the pursuit of a less opaque, less busted world of work.

To see the world, things dangerous to come to, to see behind walls, to draw closer, to find each other and to feel. That is the purpose of life."

- The Secret Life of Walter Mitty

Ready to dive in?

Let’s go.

🎁 Free shit to make your life easier:

A lot of folks have been asking about guiding principles for running some of the change involved in increasing transparency levels within their org. I put together a set of guiding principles and curated some of the best resources for this.

I don’t think anyone has yet to topple Kotter but his work can feel quite heavy and corporate so hope you find our build on it a bit more consumable. Shout if any thoughts/improvement suggestions - it’s WIP. 👇️ 


Some People People.

📖 OpenOrg #Build in Public

🎉 Daaaam but this week was awesome, as always we wrote about the highs and lows and all the stuff behind the scenes here and here, but most importantly, drum roll….

We kicked off our first cohort of Open People Leaders!!!

OOC#1 In the House!!

Dream come true for Adam and I, so glad to get going and be joined by such excellent People People:

👉 Pat Caldwell from Send
👉 Agnès Chauvigny from Figures
👉 Abigail Cooper Assoc CIPD from Juro
👉 Emily Sivey from Bippit®
👉 Sadie Moloney from Circuit
👉 Adrienne Smyth from TXOne Networks
👉 Ise Palmstierna from Altruistiq
👉 Kate Parker from Kepler Interactive

…And we’re looking forward to Juro, Send, Figures, Altruistiq finishing the cohort as fully accredited Open Orgs too! 👏

Movement sparked.

Roaring flame incoming.

🚀 Let’s GO.

💡 Transparency Tip

A balanced careers site is a trustworthy careers site

- Ancient employer brand proverb

🖐️ Stop: selling so darn hard on your careers site. If you talk about how everything is rosey all the time, at best you just fade in to the crowd, at worse your employer brand comes across as disingenuous and unrealistic.

👉️ Start: providing some balance. Talk about the things you haven’t solved, what you’re working to improve, where you’d like to be. And: show don’t tell your culture.

📚️ Interesting Internet

Things I find that i like. Hope you like them too:

  1. Book: "Nine Lies About Work: A Freethinking Leader’s Guide to the Real World" is a book by Marcus Buckingham and Ashley Goodall. Link

  2. Template: Remote Onboarding Playbook by Unleahsed. Link 

  3. Post: I chatted to Jill Felska and the folks at Want To Work There on how openorg.fyi came to be, our mission and tips to get going on your transparency journey. Link 

  4. Framework: Greiner’s Curve. I came across this reading JooBee Yeow’s blog series which is epic. Link

  5. Tool: Graphy. If you want a beautiful chart quickly that also plays nice with Notion…yw. Link

🎉 Transparency Shoutouts

Let's give a huge hand to these heroic pioneers who are pushing the bar higher when it comes to transparency:

Samuli Salonen shares transparently how they think about ownership at TalentBee 🎉 Read more

Circuit just launched their public employee handbook including transparent org chart 🎉 Link

August have an inspiring transparency philosophy and also open up their public google drive so you can see how they think/work/everything. 🎉 Read more

Emily Sivey shares what transparency means to her and the team at Bippit in an interview with Adam. 🎉 Read more

🦁 Join the Transparency Revolution

Looking to roll up your sleeves and go deep on transparency? [OOC#2 and OOC#3] 'Open Org’s next People Leader Cohorts' are filling up for November.

We’re running cohorts for 🇺🇸 U.S and 🇬🇧 U.K friendly timezones. Hit apply below if interested.👇️ 

If you’d like a chat with Adam and me to learn more, our cal is always open here.

With 🧊 & 🔥 

John & Adam

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