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🖤 Open Works #006 Vive La Revolution

2 minutes of fuel to ignite your Open Org journey - shipped every 2 weeks.

🇫🇷 Vive La Revolution!

Greetings Pioneers!

Welcome to the sixth edition of Open Org’s newsletter and the 31 Progressive People People who joined since last time. If you’re reading this then three things are probably true:

  1. You are burning to change the way your business works.

  2. You know how damaging secrecy can be to organisational culture

  3. You don’t want the companies of today to blindly follow the companies of yesterday.

👉️ Quick reminder of what’s in the box?

So this is our fortnightly drop of tips, resources, memes, templates and insights from our small but mighty community of amazing People People trailblazing workplace transparency in the pursuit of a less opaque, less busted world of work.

"The best way to find out if you can trust somebody is to trust them."

— Ernest Hemmingway

Ready to dive in?

Let’s go.

🎁 Free shit to make your life easier:

As a thank you for being part of the select few who read this newsletter we wanted to give you early access to a couple of things Adam and I have been working on recently. Here’s a sneak peak:

Click the image above to watch a snippet of one


For the first 5 of you wonderful folks to hit the button below…we’ll give you either a free Career Site Teardown Or a free Job Ad Teardown.

You’ll get our collective brain power and the years of learnings that have come from researching, building and testing the Open Org accreditation. In practice this is:

📽️ A 20 minute Loom video of insights

📝 A Notion report jam packed full of actionable tips to take forward.


Whatcha waiting for!? 👇️ 

Happy Classic Reaction GIF

People People about to revamp their careers site or job ad templates be like…

Oh and by the by…we’ve also added a few more spicey templates and resources here to our open resource library so check that out, share this email, tell your mom, that kind of thing.

Peace ✌️ 

📖 OpenOrg #Build in Public

🎉 Well we wrapped up OOC#1 and welcomed 8 incredible People & Talent leaders to the community.

Holy f*ck but that was a lot of fun. It was pretty scrappy at times to be honest, but we are super happy with the outcomes and the learnings and most importantly the folks on the cohort got a ton of value.

More here if you want the deetz.

🎉 ALSO. HUGE NEWS!!!! We’re able to celebrate the first ever global Open Org! Huge moment for figures.hr and the legendary Agnès Chauvigny (Head of People) who joined on the first cohort and has led out in style✌️.

Loved how their CEO Virgile framed the power of transparency:

"First, we strongly believe in the power of transparency when creating trust with our employees, which is why we've always aimed to be as transparent as possible from the beginning of our journey.

But also, because we are convinced that this is where society is headed: people are tired of the black box status quo, and we are very proud to be part of the pioneers team along with Adam Horne and John Faulkner-Willcocks when it comes to changing that paradigm!"

– Virgile Raingeard, CEO Figures

There are 2 x AMAZING companies hot on the heels of Figures to get accredited so watch this space! 👀 

If you’re interested in getting your company accredited…

Start with our mini-assessment and we’ll follow up with a free discovery call and notion dashboard of insights to help you take the next step.

💡 Transparency Tip

Look at your careers site and job ads and really challenge yourself on the clarity around where and when your team works. It’s so important to candidates. Help them self-select in and out. Help save your hiring folks time and hassle too.

We are a ‘remote’ company

🖐️ Stop: using vague terms like ‘remote’ or ‘hybrid’ without clarifying expectations and reality.

👉️ Start: clarifying core hours, meeting schedules, office expectations, availability and timezones where availability is expected.

Further help needed? Hit the button below and request a job ad / career site teardown. If you are in the first 5 to respond it’s on us 🙂 

📚️ Interesting Internet

Things I find that i like. Hope you like them too:

  1. Book: Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion and Purpose by Tony Hsieh.

  2. Template: Twist’s remote work guides are pretty handy.

  3. Post: Buffer shows everyone how you can write ‘competitive salary’ and not piss people off.

  4. Framework: This collection of onboarding best practices by the folks at Betterwiki is awesome.

  5. Tool: We met up with Pyn’s founder Joris Luijke. Kinda blown away by what they’re building to personalise EEX comms.

🎉 Transparency Shoutout

You probably guessed who would feature this week…

Agnès Chauvigny @ Figures.hr - a huge congrats on leading the charge to become the first ever global Open Org!! 🎉 Read more

Agnès Chauvigny, VP People @ Figures

🦁 Join the Transparency Revolution

We are actively searching for more progressive People & Talent folks who want to spark change in their orgs. You know workplace transparency is the future of work but your not sure if the leadership team will go for it? You’re exactly the person we’re looking for.

Let’s do this thing! :-)

🇪🇺 OOC#2 and 🇺🇸 OOC#3 cohorts incoming on November 7th 2023. 1 space left on each. Deetz here.

Hit apply below if interested.👇️ 

Also, if you’d like a chat with Adam and I to learn more, our cal is always open here.

With 🧊 & 🔥 

John & Adam

p.s 🇬🇧 We started a government petition to make it a legal requirement for companies to add salaries to job ads in the U.K. Please help share in your communities, as we need another 9k signatures to get a government response.

p.p.s Want to connect? 👋 Come say hi on Linkedin I’d love to chat.

This is still our ‘best’ co-founder photo. 🤦