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🖤 Open Works #008 Your Vote Matters!

2 minutes of fuel to ignite your Open Culture journey - shipped every 2 weeks.

Greetings Pioneers!

Welcome to the eighth edition of Open Org’s newsletter and the 126 Progressive People People who joined since last time. If you’re reading this then three things are probably true:

  1. You’ve done the maths on how much life is spent working and want to make the world of work better, for everyone.

  2. You believe trust is good for business and transparency is how you build trust.

  3. You’ve had to manage the fall-out from a town hall before.

👉️ Quick reminder of what’s in the box?

So this is our fortnightly-ish drop of tips, resources, memes, templates and insights from our small but mighty community of amazing People People trailblazing workplace transparency in the pursuit of a less opaque, less busted world of work.

Evidence suggests that where transparency matters most is not in the outcome, but in the process. If you want people to feel fairly paid, you don’t have to tell everyone what their colleagues are making. But you do need to tell them how pay is determined.

— Adam Grant, Organisational psychologist at Wharton. Source

Ready to dive in?

Let’s go.

🎁 Free shit to make your life easier:

We’ve got a little something special for you this time.

We thought we’d be living our values better if we open-sourced our product roadmap, so that you beautiful people have the chance to put your Product hats on and prioritise our mini-product roadmap.

🧙 So…

Here’s what we’re building. Help us focus.

Please click which of the below you’d like us to build next 🙏 

🚀 Prioritise Our Open Product Roadmap (click to vote!)

Please click which of the below you'd like us to build next...

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But also, we didn’t want to be all take take take and no give this week so we (mostly Adam) curated a hiring playbook with some of the awesome folks from OOC#1 OOC#2 & OOC#3. Check it out!

🔥 Introducing The Open Hiring Playbook.

People People who be hiring People be like….well…they be like Gimli.

As usual we’ve probably missed examples of folks who do this amazingly well so if you've got something you’d like to share that’d add to this template…

Hit reply and let’s get you involved.

Peace ✌️ 

🎉 Transparency Shoutouts

This edition is all about the epic team at Juro who have this week become the world’s second ever Open Org. 🎉 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

Special shoutout to the incredible Abigail Cooper who led on the accreditation, joined our first ever cohort OOC#1 and contributed so much. The folks at Juro have set an incredible standard for Open Culture and I can already see the next generation of Open Orgs being inspired by their work. Their open careers site is 🔥 

Huge kudos to Thomas (VP People & Talent) and Richard (CEO) for supporting this initiative.

📖 OpenOrg #Build in Public

🎉 2 cohorts going on, a baby on the way and our second ever accredited Open Org announced (go Juro!) and the 3rd to be announced tomorrow 🤩 

Things are going pretty darn good people!

If you want the #nofilter version of 2 very tired ‘faces-for-the-radio’ building an academy and accreditation to help progressive People & Talent leaders rebuild trust in the world of work, then our latest journals in public might be up your street. Adam’s monthly and my weekly.

Check it out if that’s your jam 🐝 

Oh we also launched on Tiktok. We have 3 followers 😂 . Mostly terrible #peopleOps memes like this one:


#humanresources #peopleops

💡 Tangible Transparency Tip

Write down what you’re open about, what you’re not, and why.

🖐️ Stop: letting SLT use “that’s just not us” or “they won’t care about that” as a reason to not communicate your stance.

👉️ Start: clarifying what transparency means for your business

Don’t do equity because you pay top quartile salary? Communicate THAT. Way better than just hoping nobody asks the questions.

Meercat > Ostrich

Ignore at the expense of trust.

📓 Template to help you frame this kind of thing here.

Want a soundboard or need a bit of help here? Hit reply, we’d love to help! 🙂 

📚️ Interesting Internet

Things I find that i like. Hope you like them too:

  1. Book: Any advice? I’ve run out of reading list. Need some inspo! Hit me up! 😅 

  2. Template: Unleashed have built a People + Culture check-in.

  3. Post: Our friend Charlie Hunt, Founder of Joyful shared a birthday post and the comments are pretty provocative.

  4. Framework: I built a Miro template on how to build Open Culture. It got accepted onto Miroverse this week which is cool 🙂 

  5. Tool: If you’ve not checked out Pyn’s employee journey mapper then out from under your rock. Its epic.


Figures.hr (Open Org #1 😍 ) are hosting a free online event on ‘How to Increase Employer Attractiveness with Transparency’ Check it out here.

🦁 Join the Open Culture Revolution

We are continuing our search for more progressive People & Talent folks who want to spark change in their orgs. You know workplace transparency is the future of work but your not sure how to get started / operationalise? You’re exactly the person we’re looking for.

Let’s do this thing! :-)

🇪🇺 OOC#2 and 🇺🇸 OOC#3 are happening right now but if you are keen to join a programme in the New Year... save your spot by saying hi here (next 4 week bootcamp kicks off Jan 16th). Don’t forget to reply to this email with OO10% for a 10% discount on our next one as a thank you for reading our ramblings.

Or hit this big button.👇️ 

If you’re curious about what we’re building, have an idea or want to collab then Adam and I would love to chat. Our cal is always open here.

With 🧊 & 🔥 

John & Adam

Faces for the radio.